Francine Wheeler is a wife, mother, actor, singer, writer and teacher. On December 14, 2012, Francine lost her son Ben in the Sandy Hook School shooting.  Twenty years experience teaching young children and Ben’s love of lighthouses led Francine to conceive The Isle of Skoo, an original music and puppetry Ben’s Lighthouse program featuring characters who come to life in the community around a lighthouse. This music, mentorship, and arts program guides high school age youth in assisting and supporting children ages 5 and 6 while junior-high-age mentors learn from the high schoolers. Facilitated by two adults, the program builds strong social/emotional connections and foundations of expressivity for the younger participants and provides meaningful opportunities to learn mentor-based interaction skills for the older participants. Francine wants to provide this Ben’s Lighthouse program free of charge to the young people of Newtown and honor Ben’s life and legacy by providing the children who survived 12/14 and the new generation of Newtown’s kids an environment of understanding, compassion and love.