Within days of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy a group of teachers, counselors, social workers, clergy, parents and local businessmen began meeting to discuss the long-term implications of the tragedy on the children of Newtown and surrounding areas. Empirical evidence suggested that the effects could linger for decades.

The organization eventually became known as Ben’s Lighthouse, named after 6-year-old shooting victim Benjamin Wheeler and for his love of lighthouses. The lighthouse became a symbol for what the team worked to accomplish: “Guide and Protect” the affected children.

Over two years, the mostly-volunteer organization (its first staff member was hired in September 2014) held several joyful community events to remind children and families of the good within the town, launched weekend and after-school programs to promote resiliency skills, friendship and mentoring for those kids who needed it most, and engaged in relief mission trips for high school youth to help them reclaim their inner light through service: #HelpingIsHealing

Each of these activities has been performed at no cost to any of the participants. Ben’s Lighthouse strives to continue that policy to make sure that nobody is left out because of financial constraints. Your support will help to ensure that Ben’s Lighthouse can continue its mission.

These programs and activities provided by Ben’s Lighthouse have proven successful and effective in cities and towns across the country wherever children and families are affected by trauma. Please help us to provide this support!