We create safe and supportive, trauma-informed youth-centered spaces for developing empathy and empowering it into action. Our programs empower kids to become actively engaged in social issues in their community and beyond. Involvement in service and volunteering helps build compassion, self-awareness and social connection – the building blocks for healthy social and emotional growth. We help young people find their unique ability to make a difference in the world; to be beacons of hope and change; to be the light and lead the way.

Mentor Program

We incorporate a mentoring model throughout our programming, pairing high school mentors with younger students to serve as role models in service and learning. Mentoring has proven benefits for kids including healthier relationships and lifestyle choices, enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence, improved interpersonal skills, and stronger relationships with peers, parents and other adults.

Service Learning

Ben’s Lighthouse believes that service and volunteering provide essential building blocks for compassion, empathy and connection for young people. Kids and teens who volunteer develop an increased sense of social responsibility, empathy, and social connectedness with peers, adults and people from other communities and cultures.

Youth Advisory Council

Our Youth Advisory Council provides a unique opportunity for area high school students to serve the organization in a structured capacity. The group is currently comprised of ten youth who meet regularly to provide guidance and advisement on matters of youth engagement, curriculum, and program planning.


We are committed to providing opportunities for young people to give and grow through service, both locally and beyond. In addition to regular volunteer opportunities within our own community, we have sponsored five annual outreach trips to provide service to communities throughout the country that have been impacted by disaster or tragedy.

Community Building

We continually offer a variety of community-based events throughout the year to provide opportunities for Newtown’s youth and families to join together in friendship and celebration.