We no longer provide outreach as an active program but are proud of our past projects and are thankful for the opportunity to help others throughout the country. Ben’s Lighthouse greatly appreciates all the efforts of our youth and mentors who have provided relief and aid to communities in need.

In addition to regular volunteer opportunities within our own community, we have sponsored four annual outreach trips to provide service to communities throughout the country that have been impacted by disaster or tragedy. To date, we have taken youth teams to Oklahoma, Colorado (twice), Montana and Louisiana.

When youth volunteers from Ben’s Lighthouse travel to other communities that have been impacted by disaster or tragedy, they serve as ambassadors of the organization, carrying our principles and values with them. They seek opportunities for connection and understanding. We prepare these volunteers to serve in different cultures and encourage them to fully immerse themselves in the experience. We empower them to take ownership of their experience, sharing their unique gifts and perspectives with everyone they meet.  

Our outreach service trips provide youth the hands-on opportunity to:

  • Connect with new people from different cultures and backgrounds, including other volunteers & homeowners.
  • Understand the needs of others, particularly those from different cultures, backgrounds, and socioeconomic circumstances.
  • Improve their own lives and the lives of others in practical and long-lasting ways.
  • Participate in meaningful work resulting in a sense of accomplishment.
  • Develop an appreciation for teamwork and shared goals.
  • Push past their comfort zones in a safe and supported environment.
  • Learn new skills and gain confidence.
  • Bring light, hope and healing to other communities impacted by disaster and tragedy.
  • Have fun in a way they may not have thought possible!

View slideshows for each of our Outreach trips:


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma