Our Youth Advisory Council provides a unique opportunity for area high school students to serve the organization in a structured capacity. The group is currently comprised of ten youth who meet regularly to provide guidance and advisement on matters of youth engagement, curriculum, and program planning. They serve as ambassadors for Ben’s Lighthouse and our principles of service, helping to increase engagement of other area youth.

The council is involved in an ongoing process of self and group discovery regarding social issues and causes that matter to them as individuals and as a group. They explore identified priority issues, learning about the specific need and ways to have an impact. They then take action towards that need, both individually and as a group, through a variety of service projects in issues areas such as hunger, homelessness, and the refugee crisis. The group has also taken on the role of planning and implementing volunteer projects for younger kids, with a focus on middle school grades, informally mentoring them in service.

As members, these young adults bring valuable youth perspective to the organization, helping to ensure that our current and future programs are engaging other kids at the right levels and in relevant ways. The council provides a supportive and accepting environment for the development of leadership skills, self-awareness, and connection with peers. Members have the opportunity to actively engage in outlets for empathy and compassion and learn about ways that they can have a positive impact on their community and beyond.